Thursday, May 5, 2011

Couponing to the Extreme....

If you haven't seen TLC's new show "Extreme Couponing," you need to. I know this recession has hit many people hard, BUT this takes saving money to a whole new extreme.

These people devote hours every week to clipping coupons, searching the internet, scanning ads, dumpster diving to retrieve thrown out circulars, or keeping their vast pantries organized.

I'm all about a good deal, BUT I just could not see myself hopping in a dumpster looking through old newspapers. That is pure dedication. Some of these people spend 40+ hours every week searching for deals. 

Stacks upon stacks of coupons. 

 A trailer on a Prius to haul away hundreds of boxes of cereal? That's some serious dedication to couponing.

If I were ever to be trapped inside by a natural disaster, I want to be at this person's house. You could be stuck for weeks and never run out of food!

To be perfectly honest, this show freaks me out a little. I can't quite put my finger on why. Although, I'm sure D would appreciate if I clipped a few coupons to save some dollars. But seriously, go check this show out! 


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