Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Country Boys and Girls Gettin' Down on the Farm

So last week my mom and I decided to take a quick roadtrip to Nashville. My cousin from NY, Brian, is in a band, These Animals, and they are in the middle of a tour. When we found out they were coming to Nashville we figured why not? It's only 3 hours away. All of the other shows were too far to just hop in the car and drive. We had such a great time, and it was my first time hearing their music live. I really love their music. Check out their website here.

This is my only picture from the show and unfortunately it's from my phone. I had a better one where Brian's eyes were open; however, I accidentally deleted it. (I've had an iPhone for years, yet I somehow still manage to do silly things like that)

The morning after the show, we had breakfast with my cousin and his bandmates before heading back out of town.  (You're welcome for another awesome phone pic.)

We left Nashville and headed straight to my grandparent's farm in Paris, TN. We got there right before my little cousins were leaving to head back to Memphis. 

I was extremely tired because I had been out late with my cousin the night before. However, I had to be ready for my little cousins to attack me. They are always a ball of energy and love to roll around on the floor. We took a few pictures before they hit the road. (These were taken the same day as the previous photo, so no I did not just wear the same clothes for days in a row.)

Strike a pose

They were in charge of our poses

Funny faces, of course

I didn't stand a chance against them


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