Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

I've had a lot of my plate lately and was feeling totally uninspired on what to write about SO I figured this could be fun! 

A. AREA CODE : The 901!

B. BED SIZE: Queen

C. CHORE YOU HATE: Laundry....It's called a "chore" for a reason

D. DOG'S NAME: Scooter

E. ESSENTIAL "START THE DAY!" ITEM: Under-eye concealer...Thanks for the bags Dad :)


G. GOLD OR SILVER: Depends on where it's being used...most of my nice jewelry is White Gold and my weekend jewelry is Gold. I really like them both.

H. HEIGHT: 5'5"


J. JOB: Still searching!

K. KIDS: None yet (one day!)

L. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: A house with D & Scoots

M. MOM'S NAME: Sandra aka "Mama Sandy"

N. NICKNAME: My dad calls me "Wonderful Daughter," D calls me "KLC," K-rims, Kara Beara or K-kid (these last 2 were only when I was a kid BUT they drove me INSANE for some reason!)

O. OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: Asthma attack, age 3...I was in the hospital for 3 days

P. PET PEEVE: Ignorance. People starting drama just because. When people can't take a hint. When people are rude while driving (Memphis is full of them) and then give me dirty looks as if it was my fault they swerved out of their lane because they are trying to eat lunch, put on makeup, talk on the phone, shave their legs, and do their taxes during their commute.

Q. QUOTE FROM A MOVIE: I don't know if I could pick a favorite because there are so many quotes that have found a home in my almost daily vocabulary.



T. TIME YOU WAKE UP: I was never able to sleep in as a child. If I slept past 9:30 I felt like the entire day was wasted. The morning of my 16th birthday I slept until noon, and my parents came upstairs to make sure I was okay and didn't need to go to the hospital. Now I absolutely love being able to sleep in, although I rarely get the chance!

U. UNDERWEAR: Of course

V. VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE: Onions....they are absolutely disgusting, yuck-ola, grody, nasty little boogers.

W. WAYS/REASONS YOU ARE LATE: I am the slowest person ever when it comes to getting ready....seriously! My friends have on occasion lied about the time something starts in order to assure I'm on time!

X. XRAYS YOU'VE HAD: My chest twice (once for pneumonia and the other following a car wreck), my neck/head (following the same car wreck), My foot (thought I might have broken a toe), and I think that's it...

Y. YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: D's mom gave me a great rice pilaf recipe (It's super simple but a yummy side item!) and I also love making Turkey Chili

Z. ZOO ANIMALS YOU LIKE: My favorite animal of all time is a penguin. They are just the cutest things!!! However at the Memphis Zoo (which has constantly been a top the best Zoo's in the country!), I love to see the flamingos, pandas, the farm animals (our Zoo has a really cute Farm set up!), and basically all of them :) Yes I'm 23 and we have a Zoo membership...

Well that was fun!
So I'm really looking forward to this upcoming week because a friend that moved away to Florida just got into town. The Peabody Hotel's Rooftop Parties start up this Thursday with Ingram Hill (a great band from Memphis!). They are every Thursday for the rest of the summer, and they're so much fun! 

And then this weekend I'll be going to Nashville for one of my best friend's bachelorette party! Even though Nashville is such a fun city and only 3 hours from Memphis, I feel like I never get there enough. I'm so excited to see some great friends and celebrate!! I'll be sure to post some pictures from these next few eventful days! 
Until next time....



  1. Love the title of your blog! And I love the question/answer post (I may have to copy you;) Have a great day!!

  2. Thanks! Feel free to copy! Love your blog too! I added you to my follow list!