Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upcoming 4th Plans

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about the 4th of July being mere days away! I love love love the 4th!! Fireworks are my favorite! For the longest time, I never knew how loud they were because my dad would always cover my ears when we went to see them. I just learned to love the bright flashing lights. My favorite part has always been the finale when they light EVERYTHING.

This year, my BFFFF and I decided to have some people over to my house for appetizers and cocktails. Then we're all going to head downtown to the Peabody Rooftop and watch the Mud Island fireworks (they're the best in the city)!

I'm sure I'll be going to other smaller firework shows around Memphis, but I'm REALLY excited about this particular one!

I'll also be sure to pick up some sparklers because those are my favorite fireworks to play with. Guess I'm not one for danger (no bottle rockets here!)

I hope you guys have fun stuff planned for the 4th!


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